Salumificio Fratelli Riva was born in Molteno , in the green Brianza, at the foothills of Lombardy Alps, on the initiative of the brothers Umberto and Luciano Riva.

After spending several years working as employees, shop assistant and delicatessen workers, they decided to start their own business and produce meat and sausages for the mother Maddalena’s shop.

The work increased and Fratelli Riva inaugurated in 1969, in Via Mazzini, the slaughterhouse full cycle, able to work 150 pigs per week: At that time the meat processing activity covered all the steps, from the slaughtering to the production of a wide range of goods: coppa, pancetta, salami, bresaola, prosciutto cotto…

The ham will be the flagship of the company and from a small production for direct sales, their ham, will be required by other shops in the area and wholesalers.

Things, by that time, have deeply changed. First, in the early 90s, the company made a strategic choice of specialization: abandoned the business of slaughtering and focused their efforts on the production of cooked ham, leader product in the Italian market. The production, in the old factory, already reached a considerable share of 11,000 hams per week.

During the same period an additional “step” is done by starting to supply GD and GDO, on an ongoing and dedicated way, with the help of Mr. Caprioli, today in Board of Directors of the company.

In 1996 Fratelli Riva begans to work in a new production plant, located always in Molteno, in Via Rossini 10. In this plant, where there was the entire production activity, were introduced many logistical and technological innovations that makes the company’s plant a coherent, integrated and technologically advanced model.

In the new structure all the informations and material flows are aimed at the production of cooked ham, which allows a constant monitoring of the production cycle and, consequently, a high quality product: it comes to the production of about 30,000 hams a week.

In early 2007 the plant was expanded again by adding a new area dedicated to the production of special cooked ham destinated to be sliced.

In 2010 Fratelli Riva agree on a change in corporate and Luciano leaves to Umberto and his sons, Chiara, Letizia and Giuseppe, the company.

In recent years, however, Fratelli Riva did not stop in innovation and research:

The current process is working about 50,000 legs of pork a week, “old” products such as bresaola and salami have been improved, and have been processed “new” products as the porchetta. The company has always tried to introduce and use new technologies at best taking the principle of management of the company: to produce with most advanced technologies traditional products.

For example, the brine, which give a delicate taste to our cooked ham, are still obtained by infusion of flavors. Our salami is the typical “brianza” type: sweet and good Recently revived in GD and GDO is having a great success.

The spirit of Fratelli Riva is the “must” of company, “Passion for tradition and trust in innovation.”